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sell-property-woods-estate-agents-tenerifeThe world is changing and technology is the cause of it. All across Europe, fixed fee estate agency services are growing in popularity and now it has reached the Canary Islands!

We offer a complete service, rivalling the best High Street agents. Our Property Specialists are professional estate agents who handle appointments, market evaluations and viewings. Upon receiving your instruction, we will arrange a convenient time for a Property Specialist to meet you at your home and get back to you with a FREE market valuation.

They will take high quality photos; write a unique, in depth description; expose your property to millions of targeted buyers every month on all the major property portal websites including Rightmove, Primelocation and Zoopla, and work hard to try and make sure your property is sold as quickly as possible and for the fairest price possible for buyer and seller.

And because we don't operate expensive High Street branches and run a centrally based head office for administration, we are able to pass the savings on to you, our clients through lower comission rates and "Marketing Only" options for selling your property in the Canary Islands.


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About us

Our Vendor's Options

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The Property Selling Process


About us

With over 30 years’ experience in the Estate Agency industry within the Canary Islands, David Wood has always believed in adapting and evolving his business, offering a revolutionary service to customers throughout the Canary Islands. For 30 years, David Wood has been instrumental in brokering the best deals between developers or private owners and those looking to buy apartments and villas in Tenerife.

His sales and marketing expertise grew to the extent that he became a partner in the largest independent estate agency group in the Canary Islands at the time – The Horizon Property Group S.L. Clients that trusted David and his wife, Helen Wood to deliver in 1984 are still loyal to them today. Over two decades later the same people are repaying their honesty and experience by insisting that their new Canary Island property sales and purchases are placed in their hands, and their hands only.

David recognises times have changed. The whole business of buying and selling not just in Spain but the whole Western world has evolved dramatically over the past 10 years since the explosion of social media and “Web 2.0”. The vital necessity for a dominant online presence and a close knit team of honest, reliable associates will be the backbone of David’s latest family-run Estate Agency in the Canary Islands.

Chris Wood, his eldest son was born in Tenerife and left at the age of 16 to further his education in the UK. After leaving university with a Business Management Degree, Chris worked in the hospitality industry where he honed his skills for customer service, business management and marketing. However, Tenerife’s lure of all year round sunshine, great food and ingratiating people have proven too much. Christopher Wood, Director of Woods the Estate Agents, aims to provide a service to his clients which he hopes will be as commendable as his fathers in the future!

So what makes us different?

We take full advantage of all technology available to get your property seen by as many potential buyers as possible. Due to the fact that over 95% of property seekers turn to the internet to begin their search for their ideal home, we are able to reach the vast majority of property seekers through cheaper, more efficient marketing methods.

There are so many properties for sale out there so YOUR property needs to STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD. Our listing agents are trained in real estate photography and have at their disposal the latest in technology including a "Multicopter" with camera (or drone) for great aerial shots. Virtual tours are also a very good way to market your proprety these days. Especially since so many people are looking at your property from abroad. Anything to make your proprety for sale stand out may just be the edge you need to sell your property.

We have no high street office to operate which means we can afford to pass our savings on to you, the property owner. We recognise that times have changed and property vendors can’t afford to be paying huge sums to estate agents. We understand it's a buyer's market out there and we go above and beyond the call of duty right from the start:

  • We build quality property listings with high quality photos for all our properties that we market;
  • We build relationships with all our clients and we qualify all our leads effectively so we're not wasting your time with pointless viewings;
  • We have a large database of clients who receive notifications direct to their inbox when a property comes on the market which matches their requirements.
  • We market your property in ALL THE RIGHT PLACES including property portals, printed media, social media channels and we invest heavily in SEO to make sure your property appears at the top of property buyer's searches.

Thank you for your interest in selling your property in the Canary Islands with us

Do you want us to get started already?  Visit our Vendor's Options Page. Simply pick your sales package, follow the online instructions, choose to pay by Paypal, Cheque, Card or Cash and your property will be on the market within 7 working days.

Our Vendor's Options

0% Fixed-Fee Option

750 Euros* upfront & 750 Euros* upon completion.
Includes professional listing, virtual tour, full estate agency service, listing on the most popular property portals including Rightmove, Primelocation, Zoopla & plus advertising on all our major Social Media Channels.

Save thousands of Euros by choosing our 0% Commission Fixed-Fee Estate Agency service which includes a professional listing by one of our experienced agents, high definition photography, virtual tour (if applicable), listings on Rightmove, Primelocation, Zoopla and Our agents will also handle all sales enquiries, qualify potential purchasers, accompany viewings, negotiate a fair price, advise on foreign currency exchange if required and support the buyer all the way to completion. Optional extras are available to enhance your property for sale.

*7% IGIC not included.

6 Months Marketing Only

295 Euros* to market your property for sale.
Save 1,000's of Euros on estate agency fees or boost your agent's marketing efforts. Includes professional property listing and photography by an agent if necessary; advertising on the most popular property portals including Rightmove, Primelocation, Zoopla & plus advertising on all our major Social Media Channels and our website. We have a huge database of clients who receive notifications directly to their inbox when a property comes on the market which matches their requirements which means you get QUALITY enquiries!

If you have a property to sell in the Canary Islands and you're comfortable handling enquiries and viewings, by selecting this Marketing Only option, we will market your property for you in all the right places. You receive enquiries directly. What happens when you find a buyer? Just instruct your local solicitor and completion should take anything between two and three months!

*7% IGIC not included.


No upfront fees, 5%* commission upon completion.
Includes professional listing, full estate agency service, listing on the most popular property portals including Rightmove, Primelocation, Zoopla & plus advertising on all our major Social Media Channels.

List your property for sale with us and benefit from a professional listing by one of our experienced agents, high definition photography, virtual tour (if applicable), listings on Rightmove, Primelocation, Zoopla and Our agents will also handle all sales enquiries, qualify potential purchasers, accompany viewings, negotiate a fair price, advise on foreign currency exchange if required and support the buyer all the way to completion. Optional extras are available to enhance your property for sale.

*Final commission % may be negotiable between buyer and vendor depending on sale price achieved.

Where we Advertise

Woods the Estate Agents is a brand that is synonymous with professionalism, prestige and service throughout the Canary Islands. We are now looking for quality homes throughout the Canary Islands for sale and for rent. By instructing Woods the Estate Agents, your property will benefit from local, national and international marketing. We provide expert advice from agents with a wealth of experience and in-depth local knowledge. We access national and international buyers through our network of agents, online marketing channels and throughout Europe and the rest of the World. Woods the Estate Agents market your property in the Canary Islands like no other, giving you the best chance possible of making that quick sale. These are just some of the ways we make a unique impression worldwide.

Property Portals

Our properties listed for sale on our website are listed on all the major property portals. Rightmove, Primelocation, Zoopla and claim that over 95% of people now turn to the internet as their first port of call when searching for an overseas property for sale. Combined, according to figures released by these website, these four property portals reach on average an estimated 9 MILLION overseas property seekers every month. By listing your property for sale with Woods the Estate Agents, your property will be most cost effectively exposed to the most overseas property seekers possible.

Media Partnerships

To maximise the success of selling your property in the Canary Islands through Woods the Estate Agents, we have partnered with some of the biggest media companies and real-estate focused websites in the world, such as The Financial Times, The Daily Telegraph, The London Evening Standard and other leading property media sources throughout Europe.


Our print and digital advertising reaches a vast, targeted audience worldwide. Advertising in market-leading publications such as Country Life is a highly effective method to reach affluent second home buyers. Country Life has a readership of over 200,000 per week, 43% of its readers own second homes and 42% of readers have bought a property as a result of seeing an advertisement in the magazine. A Place in the Sun magazine launched in 2004 and is the UK’s only title dedicated to buying property abroad

Search Engine Marketing and Social Media

It’s vital to have a strong presence in search engine results and social media these days. We invest heavily in our Search Engine Optimisation so your properties are one of the first properties a property seeker finds. Woods the Estate Agents have all the major Social Media channels covered, potentially accessing millions of property purchasers through our pages on Google+, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Linkedin.






Once you have chosen your package from our website, an agent will be in touch within 24 hours to arrange a time suitable for you to visit your property for sale.

When the agent visits, they will take high quality photos of your property and take all the details down which help them write an accurate, in-depth description of your property. If you choose to have a For Sale Sign then our agent will install it for you. Virtual Tours are also available at an additional LOW cost - they enhance a property listing significantly but we must charge for this service as there is a lot of time spent on the production of these videos.

The Property Selling Process in Tenerife and the rest of the Canary Islands

The agent will need to see copies of the following paperwork when visiting the property:

•    Nota Simple from your bank and your house deeds (Escritura). Woods the Estate Agents can organise getting the Nota Simple for you.

•    Energy Performance Certificate. Woods the Estate Agents can organise this for you. It is better to get this before the property goes on the market - a sale is not permitted byt he Notary unless the property has an EPC.

•    Floor plans if available. Floor plans enhance your listing as potential buyers can better visualise the space available to them. Again, Woods the Estate Agents can organise this for you.

•    Contact details of the Gestor or Lawyer you will be using for the sale of your property if applicable.

We will apply for a Nota Simple from your local land authority which details any charges against the property including mortgage. Your property will be on the market and marketing of your property for sale will commence within 7 working days.

We will qualify potential buyers, organise viewings and accompany the viewings.

We will negotiate a fair price for both buyer and seller. When a price is agreed upon, we will take a 10% deposit from the buyer and a purchase contract will be signed.

At this stage we will book an appointment at the Notary where we will need the following documents from the vendor. These can be given to us, the agents who can file them with the Notary’s clerk which will shorten the appointment time at the Notary. (Usually just 5 to 10 minutes!)

•    Certificate from community (assuming the property is part of a comunidad) signed by the president showing that community fees are up to date.

•    The last IBIs (Impuesto sobre Bienes Inmuebles) or rates payable annually to local councils showing they’re paid up to date.

•    Latest receipts of payment for last water and electric bills.

•    Negotiate with bank final amount owing and obtain a certificate of final amount owing (certificado de saldo de préstamo).

•    The Energy Performance Certificate (Certificado de Eficiencia Energetica de Edificios Existentes).

At the Notary, the new Title Deeds are signed, bankers drafts are presented by the buyer to the seller and keys exchange hands. An estimate of the Plusvalía is given (cálculo) and vendors then have a month to ask the Ayuntamiento to calculate their Plusvalía which is then payable a month after that.

And finally… Are you relocating abroad? Before you transfer any money to a foreign bank account, ensure you speak to Currencies Direct on 922 971 781 who will save you potentially thousands of Euros as they do not charge any transfer fees and will give you the best rate possible. Their rates beat those offered by banks 100% of the time. When making an enquiry with Currencies Direct, be sure to mention the code A07801 to ensure you receive a preferable Affiliate Rate.

These guidelines should help you prepare your property so it’s in a suitable state for viewing by potential buyers. It is a buyers’ market and buyers have plenty of selection to choose from. Therefore, it is adamant that we present your property to the best of its ability.


Woods the Estate Agents believe in showcasing your property to the best of its ability. First impressions mean everything and with thousands of properties available to the buyer, we need to do everything we can to ensure YOURS IS THE ONE.

Here’s how we recommend you prepare your property for sale BEFORE AN AGENT COMES TO TAKE PHOTOS…

Disassociate yourself with your home – it is now a product on a supermarket shelf which needs to appear clean and in fully working order. Prepare yourself mentally for handing over the keys along with an envelope containing your appliance’s warranties to the new owners. Look forward to the future of your next property!

De-Personalise your property - buyers want to be able to visualise their own personal artefacts. Also, by showing the buyer “what kind of person” currently lives there, they may think “but we’re not that type of person so this property must not be right for us.” Instead, the buyer should be thinking “I can see MYSELF living here.”

Remove all clutter - Remove as many items as possible off kitchen counters, pack up as many decorative pieces you would like to keep as possible. Look at every item on display and if you haven’t used it in over a year or have always wanted to get rid of it, why not throw it away or donate it to charity? Think of it as your first stage of packing to move out. The EnPie Charity are always looking for furniture and Helping Hands in Tenerife very much appreciate any childrens items. You may also try to sell items on the “Tenerife Items for Sale” Facebook Page.

Arrange everything as neatly as possible - If buyers notice the owner looks after their personal belongings well, they will probably think they have looked after the property well, too.
Rent a Storage Unit. Leave just enough furniture in every room to showcase the room’s purpose. We recommend Tenerife Storage & Parking in Las Chafiras on 922 73 64 51.

Make those minor cosmetic repairs - Replace any faulty lightbulbs, consider painting your walls neutral colours, fox doors that don’t close properly, broken cabinet doors, etc., patch holes in walls and replace cracked tiles.

Give your house a deep clean! - Make your windows sparkle inside and out, dust the cobwebs away, polish chrome faucets, dust ceiling fan blades, bleach dirty grout, replace tired rugs, hang up fresh towels or remove them from sight all together. Odours are a great big no-no. Air out rooms and find and eliminate any source of odours.

Final Step – Pretend to be the buyer!
Walk around and scrutinize your own house. Are there any smells? Are there any indications of structural defects? Check curb appeal – does your property look appealing from the road? Make sure your garden is trimmed back and your terrace is clean with no clutter and exterior walls are painted and clean.

Recent studies find the following to be the most off-putting for people looking to buy a property:

•    Damp patches. Probably the biggest concern for buyers due to health problems it can cause; not to mention being a sign of structural defects. Buyers instantly think of the costs involved in having to sort the damp problem out so better to find a professional who can rectify the issue before listing your property for sale.

•    Clutter. People are seeking larger rooms and clutter makes rooms to appear smaller. By keeping decorations and personal items in the house to a minimum, buyers are better able to visualise how they can transform your property in to their home.

•    Stains on floors, worktops and fabrics.

•    Untidy gardens and terraces.

•    Broken or missing door/cabinet knobs and handles.


The Next Step

Please visit our Vendors Options page or get in touch with us by calling (+34) 922 700 897 or emailing We will discuss your requirements and set a date for one of our agents to visit your property.

Thank you for taking the time to read about selling your property with Woods the Estate Agents in Tenerife and the rest of the Canary Islands.