Resident Certificate

All you need to know about the Certificado de Registro - Changes in Spanish Law.

As of 28th March 2007, changes in Spanish Law (240/2007) meant that European citizens who live in Spain for longer than 3 months are required to register with the Spanish Authorities.

The old Residencia Card has now been withdrawn and replaced with a Certificado de Registro. Any residents who do not comply with the new law run the risk of a fine.

You will be able to obtain your certificado de registro from a National Police Station in your area.

This affects a lot of people who are working or living in Spain and the Canary Islands and under the old scheme did not have to do anything except have a contract or work for themselves - now they must go in person to the National Police Station.

The new system has been designed to eradicate the long drawn out process of applying for a residencia. There is a processing fee, which has to be paid in the bank and forms for that are again available at the Police Station. Non EU citizens who are married/dependants of EU citizens have to follow a different procedure. There is a help desk at the Police Station - but if you don't have at least some basic level of Spanish you may struggle. We will be more than happy to help you with getting your Resident Certificate in Tenerife.