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At Woods the Estate Agents we have always taken our clients privacy very seriously, we take great care to ensure that your personal information remains private. We will never sell, rent or lend your personal information to any third parties and we will never add your personal details to any bulk mailing lists without your express consent.

The Information contained within our web site is provided as is, without warranty of any kind. Woods the Estate Agents or its employees, contractors accept no liability for its accuracy or any omissions.

When you first contact Woods the Estate Agents we will ask you to supply certain information about yourself or your company so we can respond to your enquiry. This will include such things as your name, your company name, email address, telephone number and the nature of your enquiry. This information will be kept on our data base or file, should you contact us again in the future.

We will never use this information to contact you again in the future (apart from responding to your initial enquiry to us) unless you have elected to join our mailing list.

If you asked to join our mailing list then occasionally we will use your information to contact you to bring you news of any special offers, new property listings or new services which we think might be of interest to you or your company.

If you ever wish to opt out of receiving our regular monthly updates then we offer opt out links which are provided or by sending an email to:

Our Servers are stored in a safe and secure datacentre access to which is restricted to authorised and trusted personnel, our server and database passwords are kept secure and only provided to authorised personnel. Our servers are also protected by the latest and current antivirus software and a network firewall to prevent hacking from external sources

To enable us to assess the success of our ongoing marketing campaigns and to keep us informed of the general trends being adopted by web users at large, we have instructed our Web design team to enable software on our web server, which collects broad demographical data about visitors to our web site in particular. This data includes: Your IP Address, the type of Computer System you are using, (Windows, Linux, Mac OS etc.) the type of web browser you are currently using, which web site you were viewing immediately before following a link to our site, which pages you viewed on our web site, and for how long and in what order you viewed the pages on our site.

Please be aware that this detail contains no data which can be used to identify you personally and this data is not analysed on a personal level, instead it is used by our company to assess the effectiveness of our web site in general, it helps us in assessing the effectiveness of our advertising campaigns & search engine placement, and to help us improve our web site for you and our new visitors in the future.

If you have any questions whatsoever about our privacy policy or how we use the data we collect, please contact us via email by mailing

Your personal information may be disclosed but only under the following conditions: Where we are obliged to do so to comply with our obligations under Spanish law, to assist in an ongoing criminal enquiry, or if our company is purchased by another company / person then it will be assumed that your personal information will be passed on as part of the sale. Or where doing so will prevent a malicious attack upon Woods the Estate Agents its services or its employees.


Cookies are small pieces of information, which can be sent by web sites and stored on your computer, they are predominantly used to identify visitors when they return to a web site and provide them with more relevant content. Cookies are largely harmless and can do a lot to help improve a user’s experience on a web site. However we are aware that some people are concerned by the privacy issues Cookies raise and wish to remain wholly anonymous whilst surfing the web.

The information & functionality on this web site may be withdrawn at any time without prior notice and access to it may be restricted at the sole discretion of Woods the Estate Agents.

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