One Hour Less Is More

For the first time in history since its inauguration in 1866 and has traditionally hosted the New Year’s Eve Festivities since 31st December 1962, the symbolic clock of the Puerta del Sol Madrid, will postpone its hands an hour to celebrate the New Year 2019 in conjunction with the Canary Islands.  This wonderful proposal was the brainchild of The Government of the Canary Islands, Fernando Clavijo and the Community of Madrid, Angel Garrido, subsequently providing a fantastic promotional platform for the Canary Islands. 

Promotur, a Canarian public company, will oversee the organization of converting the Puerta del Sol square in an amazing audiovisual and musical showcase for the Archipelago, which will be broadcasted worldwide.

The show adeptly named “One Hour Less Is More” which can be enjoyed with free admission to all citizens and visitors in the main square of Madrid, will demonstrate the wonderful things The Canary Islands have to offer, such as enjoying the experiences linked to the abundant variety of flora and fauna, the delightful historical heritage and delicious gastronomic delights, which is on offer in abundance throughout the Islands.  And in particular the contrast of climate between the winter seasons of the cold peninsular and the pleasantly warm winter season of the Canary Islands.

The president of the Government Fernando Clavijo went on to say “We would like this special event to generate tradition and that the sixty minutes that pass between the peninsular chimes and the Canarian chimes become a time of celebration in which the peninsular and Canaries share the change of year”.