Tenerife The Island of Eternal Spring

Tenerife is an island of contrasts that stands out for its physical development around the great volcano of El Teide and the mountain range that runs from its summit on a high ridge that extends from east to west.  This geographical feature gives the island abrupt changes in altitude and temperature and a changing and diverse climate, which may be different between a street and an adjoining street, and which is known as a microclimate.  The coast, the medians and the summit are the three natural ecosystems of the island.


This climatic goodness, which maintains average temperatures of more than 20 and less than 30 degrees centigrade throughout the year, contributes to a large extent the prevailing winds, the trade winds, which soften the climatic hardness of the nearby desert the Sahara.  The elevated terrain itself and the cold sea current of the Canary Islands, are responsible for the waters of the coasts and beaches of Tenerife always enjoy magnificent temperatures, sometimes above the environmental ones.

A Diverse Territory

Desert landscape coexist in the insular territory, on the coast, with subtropical forests, in the midlands and the summits, and volcanic landscapes, especially that of the Teide National Park and its volcanic cone and is the highest mountain in Spain of 3,718 meters above sea level.  The island also combines monumental cities with the most avant-garde architecture and black sand beaches with impressive cliffs of Los Gigantes (The Giants)

All these aspects provide a surprising variety of environments and landscapes that constitute the best natural scenery, a scenario of almost unlimited possibilities that can transport us to multiple corners of the world in its similarities.

It has been know during the winter months, for tourists to spend the morning sunbathing on the beaches of the south of Tenerife and after a relatively short journey of approximately one hour, be sledging down the volcanic slopes of El Teide and in some case still wearing their beach attire!