News - 10-03-2015

The ultra low interest rates in Spanish banks and the strong Pound against the Euro mean there really may not be a better time to buy property in Tenerife, Lanzarote or any other of the Canary Islands, Spain for a long time to come. Read More

News - 21-02-2015

January 2015 has been a bumper month for borrowing money from banks since the start of the economic crash in 2007, says industry experts. Read More

News - 19-02-2015

El Mundo reports Madrid has already opened 21 disciplinary proceedings with fines of up to 6,000 euros for not complying to Energy Performance Certification (often referred to in English as the EPC and officially referred to in Spain as Certificado d Read More

Things to do in Tenerife - 29-01-2015

This fantastic walk from the town of Masca, Tenerife down to Masca Bay is a continuous decline and usually takes 3 hours to hike down at a leisurely pace. Read More

Interior Design - 29-01-2015

Blue is a calming and refreshing colour, associated with water, and often used in bathrooms and bedrooms, although tones from baby blue through to navy can invoke different effects. Because of its associations with water and ice, it can be a rather Read More

Things to do in Tenerife - 29-01-2015

Are you a wine lover? Are you interested in knowing more about wine production and vineyards in Tenerife? If so then this post is for you! Whether you’re interested in knowing which wines on our supermarket shelves were created here in Tenerife or wa Read More

News - 29-01-2015

Gomasper S.L has gone into receivership Read More

News - 29-01-2015

Cruise ship passengers visiting Santa Cruz de Tenerife is expected to rise from this years expected figure of 815.000 to over 1 MILLION passengers during 2015 Read More

10 Minutes with... - 29-01-2015

I’m a full-time writer, currently working for Google, 2 London copywriting agencies, and on my own creative writing (books, screenplays). I also own and manage Tenerife’s number one visitor website, My Destination Tenerife. I’m also the Canary Island Read More

News - 29-01-2015

Award Winners and ones to watch from the Tenerife Entertainment Awards 2014. Read More

News - 29-01-2015

Dying might be the last thing on your mind as you walk out of the notary as the proud owner of a new property, but if the very worse came to the worst, your property could end up being disposed of under Spanish law. Thankfully, this nightmare scenari Read More

Moving to the Canary Islands - 29-01-2015

Number one: Janet Anscombe has lived in Tenerife for 10 years and was previously a university lecturer in Classics & Ancient History specializing in rhetoric, law and politics before moving to Tenerife. Read More

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