Featured Properties - 16-10-2016

These are all extremely lucrative opportunities for proprety developers and/or investors in Tenerife. Read More

Things to do in Tenerife - 07-03-2016

Their vehicles are modern, clean and comfortable and their online booking system is great! They offer very competitive prices too. Read More

Things to do in Tenerife - 28-02-2016

Contact Tenerife Boat Charter to find out what Boats and Yachts for Private Hire in Tenerife they have available. Read More

News - 16-02-2016

As of the 1st of April 2016, the police will be using their database to clamp down on car owners with no car insurance in Tenerife. This includes vehicles which are not in use too. Read More

News - 31-01-2016

How to go about applying for a Tourist License to Rent out your Property as Holiday Lets in the Canary Islands for Touristic Purposes Read More

10 Minutes with... - 14-01-2016

What’s the best thing about Tenerife as a place to live in your opinion? I’ve built up a great business and it’s a pleasure to serve our customers and make their lives easier while living in Tenerife. Read More

Moving to the Canary Islands - 09-12-2015

You never know what's around the corner and unfortunately for most of us, insurance is just one of those things we try and put off until "mañana". Whether you're already living in Tenerife or looking to move to Tenerife (or any other of the Canary Read More

News - 06-11-2015

Find out how your beneficiaries can pay little or NO inheritance taxes when inheriting your Spanish Assets in the Canary Islands Read More

News - 02-09-2015

To summarise, the Canary Islands are still one of the best places to invest your money in to real estate. Property value in the Canary Islands (€/m2) is still lower than most area of Spain. On average, the price per square meter in the Canary Islands Read More

News - 12-08-2015

The AIPP is pleased to announce publication of a heavyweight (yet eminently readable!), Guide to buying a property in Spain. Read More

Areas of Tenerife - 18-05-2015

Here's a little secret... one of the only surviving original banana plantation buildings from the 60's is located right on the seafront a the Guaza Mountain end of the sandy beach. Read More

Interior Design - 06-04-2015

The sofa should be an important part of your home, whether you are a resident, on holiday, or renting your property out. It is the central feature of the living room, and visually will have a major impact on the style of your house. Read More

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